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About Us

Learning Advancement is a new venture division of data services provider Dynaprice.com, Inc., of Edgewater, New Jersey, USA.

Dynaprice serves firms ranging in size from the Fortune 500 down to small stocking dealers in used equipment. It helps them manage, redeploy and market surplus capital equipment.

At right are screens from the services Dynaprice operates for several of its largest clients.

Special Technology for Customizing Complex Data and Services

Dynaprice delivers its services over the web from scalable servers in the cloud.

Its larger clients demand heavy customization to match their data structures and methods of operation. From its inception in 1999, Dynaprice has built its computer code to make such customization as easy and economic as possible.

Toward this end, Dynaprice has invested heavily in its DynaspecsTM systems architecture:
1.  Parameterized computer program segments that can be flexibly assembled.
2.  An easy-to-use web app to set their parameters for each product type and client.
3.  A library of pre-built data structures that can be cherry-picked and customized to speed that work.
4.  An application builder program to combine the parameters and parameterized program segments into each client's customized data service — without costly computer programming or database administration.
Our Dynaspecs architecture saves Dynaprice and its clients significant time and money.

It speeds creation of different data structures for different types of equipment and classification schemes, while allowing clients to share those they desire. It offers Dynaprice clients unmatched flexibility in configuring and changing their business records and operational procedures. It gives Dynaprice lower life cycle costs for setting up, maintaining and evolving their data services.

Applying Dynaprice Technology to Managing Blended Learning

Asset Management Blended Learning
Equipment Specifications Learning Objectives
Complex Equipment Curriculum Modules
Menuing, Classification Prerequisites, Assessment
Dealmaking Transactions Activity Scheduling
We see many technical similarities between the data used in our current business and the data needed by schools and teachers to manage a blended learning program. And we see a need for heavy customization of curricula and operating procedures among schools, comparable to that demanded by Dynaprice's F500 clients. Our Dynaspecs architecture is ideal for meeting that need.

The Dynaspecs system used in our current business has recently been expanded to support the design of adaptive curricula and specify the operational complexities of blended learning in schools. And we built a new, easier-to-use graphical user interface for our more powerful Dynaspecs Version 2.0.

To understand better the logistical issues of mixing self-paced study with classroom and other scheduled group activities within a school's staffing and facilities constraints, we built our DynaCurriculum Simulator of blended learning operations. We know of no other like it.

We used it to test out the data structures and scheduling/resourcing algorithms needed to support blended learning. Working with a prominent charter school in inner-city Newark, NJ, we were able to refine our understandings and our data model, and learn from that school's difficult experience with a pioneering blended learning management system.

The Opportunity for Commercialized Data Services

We believe that tablets and the internet, with developing software for vice and facial expression recognition, will rapidly alter the traditional classroom model of education, and do so worldwide. Easy distribution over the web worldwide will aggregate markets for ever-higher-quality educational software and services, yielding an "industrialization" of what has been a cottage industry of lesson planning and classroom teaching. The operational difficulty of transitioning from easy-to-manage classrooms into harder-to-manage blended learning is the key hurdle to overcome.

The first company to offer an online data service to help schools and teachers manage blended learning can become the dominant "portal" for the distribution of educational software worldwide — a huge business opportunity.

Our more powerful Dynaspecs system and the knowhow from our DynaCurriculum Simulator provide a head start for implementing a more flexible and capable next-generation system... and a competitive advantage in marketing it as blended learning replaces conventional teaching in all the world's schools, universities, and training establishments.

We seek a partner with whom to build that data service and capture that opportunity. If you, the reader, might be or know of that partner, read our preliminary RFP and contact us.

Who We Are

Ronald K. Randall, President
Ronald Randall, president of Dynaprice.com and its Learning Advancement Division
Mr. Randall is a co-founder of Dynaprice.com. He began his career in product development at education technology firm Westinghouse Learning Corporation, and has served as Director of Corporate Development at General Electric and VP-Business Development at Automatic Data Processing. He is a graduate of MIT and the Harvard Business School.

Scott Conklin, VP of Dynaprice.com and head of systems design for blended learning systems at Learning Advantage
Scott Conklin, Vice President - Systems and Operations

Mr. Conklin joined the Dynaprice team in 2003 as the systems architect and manager of technical operations for the company. He began his career at the advertising firm Gray Interactive in Germany in 1993, developing web content management systems for its corporate clients. He holds a computer science degree from Texas A&M University.